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Lauren Blair

Insect Temporary Tattoo Pack

Insect Temporary Tattoo Pack

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A new addition to the Lauren Blair Art shop, temporary tattoos! This temporary tattoo pack features three colorful insect designs. 

Temporary tattoos make a fun birthday present, party gift, bff tattoos, and more. 

Temporary Tattoo Details: 

  • 1 Cicada tattoo (3.75" height x 2" wide)
  • 1 Moon Moth tattoo (3.5" height x 3" wide)
  • 1 Picasso Bug tattoo (3" height x 2" wide)
  • All designs are 100% original created by Lauren Blair Art
  • Tattoo is temporary and will fade and eventually go away completely 

Tattoo Application Instructions: 

To apply throughly clean the skin and dry. Once dry apply temporary tattoo to the skin, place a washcloth to the paper side of the tattoo and apply pressure for at least 30 seconds. Peel tattoo slowly away from skin. 

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